Friday, January 5, 2007

The Floor is Finally Finished

After much aggravation and waiting the finish finally dried on the floor. It kills me to have the heat turned up high to help speed up the drying time! The woodwork in this room/house was never meant to be natural. This is just cheap paint grade pine stuff. Originally I was just going to faux grain everything. But, the paint build up on this wood was so great it was easier to just strip it all off rather than put up with the brittle built up paint chipping off constantly.

Saturday I was FINALLY able to get the floor finished. I put down the rug and clean the bejesus out of it. Then the bed gets set up. Finally things are coming together. When I was living in Bowling Green I purchased the greatest oak wall clock. Mission style, the top is a long shelf with a groove to set plates in. There were problems with the thing, but the price was right at a close out for $35.00!!! I had no idea where to put the thing when I bought it, but I had to at that price! Now I realize; it will go perfect behind the bed! The rest of the day was finished out in this fashion, arranging pictures on the walls, moving in the computer armoire and installing the computer. All that wiring drives me crazy! I have my Saturdays planned out around the CBC 2 broadcasts. I had to keep the computer hooked up so I could listen to the Vinyl CafĂ© that comes on at noon Eastern Time. I know I’ve written about this program before. It is so low key and human. I think the word civilized can be used to describe it. I always get homesick for Lockport and my friends in Canada when I listen to this. For the record; as I’m typing this, the program “Music For Awhile” from the CBC is playing on my computer! My life sure has changed since getting that high speed connection!

All the while I was working little Daggy was on hand. She is resting on the register grate that was in the kitchen of the house I grew up in. I used to stand on it on winter mornings to get my feet warm. That old iron top held many wet mittens to dry. This is just another example of the stories behind some of the most mundane things I have!

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Donald & Christie said...

Love what your doing to your beautiful home! I flipped when I saw that gorgeous bedroom suite, and the floor stripping is also very informative to me as I have begun to strip woodwork in our home. Enjoyed the blog, and looking foward to more! Donnie