Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cutting and Threading Gas Pipe

Here is part two of the water heater story from last year......

The Old Fence & Threading Gas Pipes
Thursday, June 08, 2006

After I finished yesterdays entry I went on a search for the picture I knew was in my possession. A famous picture in my family: it is of me painting that bloody picket fence back in 1967. I finally I found it where it was not supposed to be. Here is a “happy Brick” finishing up the southern section of the fence. There were three pickets that were installed with screws so we could cross through to the neighbor’s yard!

Today I pretty much finished up the worst of the gas line installation by mid afternoon. The water heater was delivered by UPS late this morning. Now I can figure out how the installation will be done. It is so much easier when you can see it in person. The heater weighs 60 pounds. That is a lot of weight to be hanging off the siding of this house. What I plan on doing is: make a frame of 2x4’s the size of the heater and cover that in exterior plywood. That will be fastened to the siding and will make a sturdy base for the heater. The panel will be painted to match the house. I will install the unit onto this panel. This kind of contemplation over my projects was how I would occupy my mind at work. How this entire project will be done is slowly working itself out.

I have the chance to go to Pensacola with Gary and Larry this weekend. Part of me wants to go, but the other part says no. I think the “no” side will win out. I can take Larry in small segments; I can’t imagine an entire weekend with him.

Besides, I’m anxious to get this water heater mounted so I can do the final gas line installation done. Then I can start on the new copper water lines and get this nightmare finished.

That is where the project stands as of Thursday afternoon. While I was threading pipe in the workshop this morning, I set the camera on the packing box the heater came in to see if I could capture a Kodak moment. So, here is a good comparison of what a difference 40 years makes!

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