Friday, October 5, 2007

Moving Iron 7-03-2007

It is 6:30 a.m. as I type this out. I went to bed last night to the wonderful sound of RAIN! The threatening sky finally let loose after 10:00 p.m. Not a torrential downpour but a steady constant rain. It is so amazing the plants will “green up” after a good soaking. It must have rained most of the night, things are still very wet. Daggy and Stump returned into the house after the first check of the back yard with wet fur. That does not bother them much!

I still have to turn the central air-conditioner on. To annoy everyone I gave myself the deadline of July 4th to activate the thing. My fans and cooling strategies have been working so well, I might see if I can go the entire summer without using it! People got by in the past without AC. It cooled off enough last night to where I had to get under the wool blanket. Stump insisted on going under the covers for a bit, curling up in the crook behind my knees.

Monday was another steamy hot day. Working on the patio extension I smell the foulest odor. I’m blaming one of the neighborhood cats that frequent the back yard on spraying. Then my little Daggy trots over digs a bit in the pile of dirt excavated for the storm sewer cover. She delicately “does her business.” This loose dirt is her new litter box! Now everything makes sense! That pile of dirt is in full sun so it really heats and ferments. I know what the next project will be!!!

The pad for the sewer cover has cured for a few days; it is ready for the cover to be installed. It is not hard to transfer the iron housing onto the four wheeled moving dolly. The ancient 2x6’s are set up as ramps. Using a scrap of iron pipe, this heavy housing is rolled into place! I used to help friends move upright pianos this way using large wooden “rollers”.

There is a little wobble in the housing. Using crowbars and some wood blocks for support the low side is raised up. Mortar is mixed up and applied in the gap. Ever so carefully the housing is raised, the supporting blocks taken out and then lowered onto the wet mortar. Once cured this will be solid as a rock!

I’m toying with how to tie this patio all together. I think using the Belgian Block around the sewer will give a “city feel” to the installation!

It is still gray and cool as I wrap this entry up. Maybe we will have more rain during the day. I have the door to the driveway open giving me a full view to the street. This so improves the air flow. The inside landing is Daggy’s favourite spot to stretch out. She is safe in her house, but has a full view and access to the outside.

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